Digital Smart Tools came into being in 2002 as a result of the burgeoning internet market.  We had spent the prior decade selling & implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.  Most of our customers were sales organizations and as they neared the millennium the issue of providing websites as part of the client's marketing program became an issue.  At that time businesses were beginning to feel that in order to be taken seriously they needed to have a web presence...even if it just provided a basic overview of the business.

As time went along and the market matured DST began designing much more robust sites including those with e-commerce functionality.  DST's ability to present information in a coherent manner with an intuitive flow resulted in inquiries from a wide variety of market segments - not just sales organizations.  The websites we designed became larger and the work eventually overtook our CRM work.

Designing and implementing robust websites led to inquires for other design work including logo designs and printed collateral such as brochures, product slicks, letterhead, etc.  With the introduction of Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter our technology skills were in even greater demand.  We became a one-stop shop fulfilling all of our client's marketing needs.

However, we still had the advantage of decades of experience in the computer hardware and software business.  So we kept the best software tools we had found and added them to our offerings.  Today we can help you develop the infrastructure necessary to run an effective salesforce who are able to seamlessly manage the leads that are coming in as a result of all of our marketing efforts including your website, printed collateral, and e-marketing.

We hope you will consider becoming one of our customers.  Working together we can take your business to even greater success than you've enjoyed so far !

Certified in Emerging Media Technology by
Inbound Marketing University