Just like you, at Digital Smart Tools we need to work smarter instead of harder to keep up and maximize our available time.  We often field calls from you asking about our phone system, who we use for printing, who we use for web hosting, etc.  So we decided to get smart and list them all on our website so that you can access them easily with the links below.  In some instances we have been able to negotiate special discounts for our clients that are only available by using the links listed here.

Know about a resource that might benefit others ?  Let us know and we will see what we can do to introduce it to others.


This is the phenomenal phone service that we have used since the Fall of 2001.  Although we only use their regular phone service (which also provides us with in-bound fax and conference calling) they also offer Toll Free numbers.  We've yet to beat their prices.  Click the buttons below and you'll be able to download the signup forms with the necessary instructions to get your phone service up and running.


Cell Phone

We love it when our clients are successful and these guys personify success.  If you had told us even 5 years ago that there would be a market fixing cell phones we'd have laughed at you.  If you've broken the screen on your phone, dropped it in water, overused the trackball on that Blackberry, or any number of other things these are the guys you need.  MORE INFO


When we first heard about this program (from a client who had recently started using it) it left us scratching our heads........it takes your voice mail messages and turns them into e-mails !  On first blush that might not sound like much but think about how often you are forced to replay a voicemail to catch the phone number.  E-mail also gives you the ability to store the message indefinitely.  So while YouMail might not be for everyone....for those who do need it this is a great, low cost essential.  MORE INFO

We work with both of the firms listed below.  Each are known for different products and each offer outstanding discounts.  If we are developing materials for you that will be printed by one of them you need to let us know which one you are using so they can be created in the correct format.
  Free 14 Day Shipping $50+ Up To 90% Off   Click the logo to the left to be directed to the Vistaprint website.  
  PrintPlace.com Online Full Color Printing   Click the logo to the left to be directed to the PrintPlace website.  
   Web Hosting

We are often asked which web hosting company we recommend and the answer is simple...the one we've used since 2002 !  Globat offers our clients a generous discount program and superb service.  Please make sure you buy Premium Support when you order your hosting - that way, if there are any problems they will be resolved faster.  Once you've signed up just send us your URL, login & password so we can start setting up your new website.   MORE INFO

   Computers, Electronics and other fun stuff !
  Everybody wants a good value and the companies listed below offer just that ! 

Before you buy ANYTHING check it out.  Cnet offers professional and consumer reviews of almost any electronic product and software.  They'll also give you a link to stores with the lowest prices either in your area or online.  MORE INFO


These guys sell absolutely everything and the discounts are phenomenal.  Before you run out to your local retailer go online and give these folks a chance !  MORE INFO


Dubli has put the fun back into shopping.  Whether you use their reverse auctions where the prices go DOWN the more people bid...or their shopping mall where your all your favorite merchants give you their best prices AND rebates - Dubli is the new way to shop for anything you need. 


So you've decided you MUST have a Dell computer.......is there any reason you have to pay retail for it ?  Here's a great alternative - when people send computers back to Dell (because they had something wrong or they just decided it wasn't what they wanted) those machines are fixed, repackaged and made available for you to buy at outstanding discounts.  MORE INFO


What can we say that hasn't been said already ?  Constant Contact is the Mac Daddy of the e-newsletter business.  We'll get you started by creating a template that mirrors the look & feel of your website, adding a signup box to your site, and help you create every issue if that's what you want.  Using their bonded servers Constant Contact will get more mail through to your users than any other newsletter service.  MORE INFO


  Thank you is the most under-used word in the English language !  When you send a custom thank you card, congratulations card, or other greeting to your clients and prospects you automatically stand out from the competition.  Log into Send Out Cards, create your custom card and they'll mail it for you.  What could be easier ?  MORE INFO  
   Online Surveys

We realize it is critical to know what your customers are thinking in order to bring them the products and services that you need.  Survey Monkey will give you the tool you need to collect responses and analyze them.  MORE INFO

   PDF Writer Software


Did you ever want to "print" a screen to save it but you didn't want to keep a paper copy and a print screen image wasn't sufficient.  Or perhaps you wanted to send someone a document but you wanted to make sure they couldn't edit it (at least not without a lot of trouble).  Solution ?  "Print" it with a PDF writer.  Normally these are expensive pieces of software but CUTE offers the personal version of their software for free !  MORE INFO

    Automatic Backup  

Until recently online backups have been expensive....very expensive.  Suddenly there are some inexpensive alternatives and Mozy is one of them.  For just $4.95 per month, Mozy will automatically backup your computer.  Isn't your data worth $60 a year ?  Click the Mozy logo to go to their website for more information.