Over the years we've researched a lot of software for various clients.  Every once in a while we run into a product or technology that is revolutionary and cost effective.  When that happens we move quickly to add that product to our list of offerings.  Take a look at some of the items we can offer you today -

   Online Scheduling  

The hottest product that we've ever released to our clients has been Appointment 360.  This product allows anyone who schedules their time or their resources (e.g. doctor's offices, masseuses, boat clubs, golf clubs, restaurants, etc.) to add a link on their website so that their clients can make, change, check or cancel appointments online at any time of the day or night.  Clients do not see your schedule...all they see is available time slots based on the service desired.  On the backside you can see everything.  Appointments can be conditional - allowing you to confirm them.  Cancellations can be limited to a certain number of days prior to the appointment.  E-mail reminders can be automatically sent.  Clients can download their appointments to their Outlook calendars.  Want to know more ?  Call us and let us show you this incredibly simple product.


When you can't afford to lose a client or a sale.....or you need to make sure everyone on your team is aware of what others are doing....or when you want to make things happen automatically then what you need is a good CRM system.  With over 20 years of experience in this area of software and all the certifications necessary to prove it we're more than ready to help you make the decision about the system that best meets your needs.  Once the decision has been made we're there to help you implement the product and start deriving the benefits.

   Quoting Software  



Every once in a while we run into a really good piece of software that is so simple to use and so valuable we can't quite believe it.  That's exactly what happened when we first found QwikQuote over a decade ago.  If you sell products to customers this tool will let you standardize your quotes, automatically analyze each quote for profitability, print commission reports, determine what products are selling best, and much much more.  Use ACT, GoldMine or other CRM programs ?  QwikQuote will link to those and to QuickBooks.  Let us know when you're ready to see this great little piece of software...you won't believe how much difference this inexpensive little tool will change your business.

   Cloud Computing  

According to Wikipedia cloud computing is: "
Cloud computing is a paradigm of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure in the "cloud" that supports them."  At Digital Smart Tools, cloud computing typically means a remotely hosted Sharepoint or Terminal Server implementation.  For your business this removes the need to own and maintain the software or the server yet to have the ability to run best-of-breed software over the internet regardless of your location.  The net result to your business is a more secure computing environment that is location independent and very cost effective.  Let us talk to you about how cloud computing can benefit your specific business.