You've got a website but are you reaching out to your prospective clients in other ways ? It's an electronic world today and keeping up with the competition means using all the tools available.  We can help you get started and let you carry forward from there or we can do it choose what works best for you -

   Bulk e-Mail Campaigns  

No it is not SPAM.......rather we provide you with  targeted e-mail to individuals who have opted in to lists interested in specific topics.  We'll design your ad, create a specific landing page on your website for each ad campaign, acquire the list, and arrange for the transmission of the e-mails.  Throughout the campaign we will help you analyze the statistics and shift the message to get you the best results for your money.

   Social Media Marketing  

Do you tweet ?  Do you even know what Twitter is ?  Social media marketing is generating huge buzz for products and services.  It is the fastest growing marketing tool available.  Facebook adds 1 million pages and can document 115M hits (page viewings) each day.   Let us create a Facebook page for your product, company, or organization.  Let us set up a Twitter account so you can start reaching out in real time.  Then we'll add links to your website so it is easy for your site visitors to follow you and stay up to date with your products and services.



Staying in front of your customers and prospects will keep you in the front of their mind when they are ready to buy.  It will also remind them to refer their friends to you.  We'll work with you to set up an account at Constant Contact and we'll create a template for you that mirrors the look & feel of your website and printed collateral.  We can even create your newsletter for you every month with information you provide us.  You decide how much or how little you need us to do.

   Pay-Per-Click Campaigns  

Remember those little ads you see on the right hand side of the page when you do a Google search?  Those are PPC ads designed by businesses to attract customers.  They pop up based on the words you are using to search and the advertiser is charged based on the price that they bid for specific keywords.  The challenge to using PPC advertising is writing the ad (Google only gives you 3 lines and 35 characters per line) and creating a landing page on your website that will converted interested web searchers to customers.  Facebook and other entities now also offer PPC ad space.  Let us work with you to develop an effective campaign.